I love to watch people. Every person has a life story. While we won't have the chance to get to know most of the humans living on this planet, we know that we have much in common. We have hopes, dreams, heartbreaks, and plans for the future. Remembering this can keep our ire in check and can make us more compassionate.

That's one of the reasons I love to read. And possibly you, too. Books are like portals that allow us to look into the lives of human beings and to hear their stories. Even fiction shares truths about the human story. We can relate to them so much because we're all human and, as aforementioned, have much in common.

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Whenever I feel sad, I find reading books that I loved as a kid can be most inspiring. I'm not sure if it's because the scale of the problems feel a bit different or if they remind me of me in a simpler time. Maybe they connect me and remind me a bit of who I was before "life happened." Whatever it is, I find it's always refreshing and touches me in unique ways.

There's also something about re-reading a well-loved book at a later time. I loved the Velveteen Rabbit as a kid for many reasons. I love it equally as much now. Reading these stories as an adult gives you a different perspective, while allowing you to remember where you were in the past. It somehow closes a circle and becomes a more fully-realized experience.

You may even try reading the books you read as homework and see them more now as "heart work." Let them give you more of a glimpse into your human condition and can take you on a truly satisfying journey.

If you have kids, why not share these books with them?

Here, enjoy more memories from your youth here:

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