When thinking about a place to live or where to buy a house, just about all homeowners want a safe place to live.

For the most part, I feel that living in East Texas is pretty safe. When you look at a report from WalletHub on the safest states in the U.S., unfortunately, Texas comes in at 46th on the list, but that doesn't mean Texas doesn't have some safe cities. When you take a look at a report released by Safe Wise, one East Texas city ranks among the top 25 safest cities in the state.

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The report took a look at crime rates - violent crimes and property crimes - and used that data along with data from the FBI and calculated the rate of crimes per 1000 in each city to come up with the list. Check out more of their methodology here.

Among some of the findings from the new report are that the top three safest cities are newcomers, although not new to the list, new to top three. Now here comes the news about Whitehouse. Whitehouse was singled out because of their improved ranking, which had the city leap frogging 187 spots to number 22 on the list. Meaning that the city was below the state average of 4.1 and national average of 3.7 when it came to the violent crime rate.

With this report and the new ranking, it appears as if the crime fighting efforts that have been ongoing in Whitehouse have been paying off and that's not to say it was a dangerous city to live in to begin with. Let's hope that when Safe Wise goes to do another survey for 2021, we can see more East Texas cities in the top 25.

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