As if dealing with "The Rona" virus wasn't bad enough, the year 2020 is snatching off wigs with another hurricane. Indeed, coastal Texas is going through the bouts of the latest hurricane, and her name is Hanna.

Hanna did not come to play with the kids! She has ripped off roofs, torn up trees, and pulled the roots out of trees. Local businesses have boarded up their properties, hoping to save their windows and lots from total destruction.

This decision to remain open despite the intensity of the hurricane surge has led to a lot of angry fans calling them out about it on social media. Some users on Twitter have expressed anger at the company's decision to put their employees' lives in jeopardy by keeping the drive-thru open.

Do you think Whataburger should shut off the drive-thru and send their workers home?

"Hell hath no fury" like Hurricane Hanna! We have already seen thousands of Texans in towns along the coast having to deal with lost electricity and devastation from high-impact winds.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been sent to locations around the southern part of the state because there are areas declared to be in a state of emergency by Governor Abbot.

A different Whataburger location (in Corpus Christi) was almost completely flooded, as seen in this YouTube video below.

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