Now I know what you're thinking. You just got that stimulus check and you're feeling all kinds of RICH! You might even have a wild hair and want to rent a luxury home on Airbnb. Well, sit down because you're gonna need a lot more than a $1400 check to rent this bad boy! Try two checks, and that's just for the weekend!

I have seen some gorgeous homes available for rent on Airbnb, but I have never seen an iconic home like this one on there before. The Dr. Pepper House, yes, the original one owned by the creator of that fizzy, tasty beverage, is now up for grabs on luxury Airbnb. You will have the entire place to yourself. How about them apples?

What I love the most is the backyard. It has that nonchalant yet wealthy look to it. I'm just going to go ahead and say it, this place is out of my price range. That is of course if I just wanted to have it all to myself and not bring along any friends, frenemies, or basic lookie-loos.

Dr. Pepper is a proud Texas favorite, and selling it made Wade Morrison extremely prosperous. The mansion was built over 136 years ago and got a glam makeover at the turn of the 21st Century. This place is loaded with your own cabana, a pool, of course, and its own game room. You can't smoke in the house and you can't bring your pets. Your kids can come though. Fair enough.

You also cannot throw any parties or shindigs. Those are the house rules, so you and your "new money" self better not fudge this up!

Feeling lucky in the bank? If you can afford it, you can rent this mansion for up to 28 days in a row or longer.


Fun Fact: Pharmacist Charles Alderton created the original formula for Dr. Pepper. The soda/cold drink/soda pop was originally called "Waco", but later, another pharmacist, Wade Morrison, came up with a catchier name and an updated recipe. Thus, the drink's name, Dr. Pepper, was born. (That's the abbreviated version, for some better explanations and gossip, Food & Wine magazine has the backstory, click here.)

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