I was one of the millions of Americans who sat down and watched Day 2 of the Democratic National Convention. My favorite part of the evening event was the roll call to declare delegates for Vermont senator, Bernie Sanders, and former senator and USA vice-president, Joe Biden.

I perked up when I saw the delegate from the state of Texas on the screen, Representative Veronica Escobar! She filmed the video in downtown El Paso.

I teared up and felt a wave of sadness mixed in with feeling homesick when I saw the delegates from my hometown of Tennessee.

When I saw the delegates from Rhode Island, State Representative Joseph McNamara, I was at first smitten with his accent, but then my eyes drifted over to that delectable-looking and VERY DISTRACTING plate of fried calamari that the other guy was holding up to the TV screen. That plate of fried calamari was beckoning me like, "Hey, busta! Come get a load of THIS!"

The weird thing is, I am not even a calamari fan! I have had one "calamI" too many (calami is the plural for calamari, right?), and let's just say, it's an acquired taste. I prefer calamari that does not TASTE like squid. I like the kind that tastes like those Chicken Popper things at KFC. (My kind of squid is chewy like meat, not squishy like fishy.)

Where can you order some good calamari in East Texas? I could only come up with ONE possible place that might serve calamari:

Trip Advisor says there are only three (3) places in East Texas where you can grab some calamari.

Keipersol Restaurant
Rick's On the Square
Bernard Mediterranean Grill

Let me know your recommendation!

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