We've seen alligators climbing fences before, but now alligators aren't even wasting their time with that anymore...they're just bending the bars on fences and climbing right through.

Alligator Bends Bars On Fence Florida
YouTube Via The Sun

Alligator Bends Fence In Florida

When an alligator decides they want to go somewhere, they can't be bothered by silly obstacles in their way.

Fences apparently are no big deal for an alligator anymore.

We've seen videos showing alligators climbing over 6-foot fences with ease, but now they've added a new skill to their nightmarish bag of tricks.

Why climb over when you just can bend the bars and slip right through?

Watch as this tree shaker of an alligator bends the metal bars on the fence that is so rudely in his way and then crawls on through.

This video was shot at Coral Creek Club in Placida, Florida earlier this month by Eric Dagg.

Alligator Crawls Through Fence
YouTube Via The Sun

Daggs' brother is the guy you see in the video eventually helping the alligator get through the fence after getting stuck a bit.

According to wfla.com, Dagg works at the golf course and "said he saw the gator walking along the cart path before it tried to take the shortcut through the fence."

Certainly, he encounters quite a few alligators in his line of work, but this is probably the first time he's seen an alligator bend the bars on a fence like spaghetti and slip right through.

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