Now that we've been swimming all summer long, we're looking fierce and we don't want to lose our rock-solid bods.  City pools may close, but there are several year-round pools around Tyler that will help us burn a shocking number of calories to get after fitness goals.

I swim at least five times a week because I love the water, and I haven't realized until now that I'm getting some of the best exercise possible.  Thank you, Google,

Swimming can be a 400-calorie burn per hour, it's better on the joints than running (and I've done a lot of that too), and it's the closest thing I've found to pain-free exercise.  It feels good and it's a stress reliever, and the pool has become the perfect place to plan a grocery list, escape from the routine, and daydream about what I might want to be when I grow up.  Grab a noodle or some foam dumbells, and you're getting a workout that's just as good as the one on the gym's fitness floor, if not better. said these are some of the benefits of spending time in the pool:

1.  Full body workout.
2.  Great for general wellbeing.
3.  De-stresses and relaxes.
4.  Burns those calories.
5.  Lowers the risk of diseases.
6.  Supports the body.
7.  Increases your energy levels.
8.  Exercising without the sweat.

I shared these benefits with my daughter who is also a daily swimmer and regarding that last one, "exercising without the sweat," she said, "Yah, but you get wet."  Oh, leave it to a 6th grader to rain on our parade. Sometimes being drenched is okay, especially when the scale shows us that the hard work is paying off.  As long as you dry off before you weigh.

Swimming will burn calories, tone us up, and get rid of stress, and there are many pools around Tyler that are open all year long that will help us hit goals.

These are some of the best gyms with pools around Tyler, according to Yelp:

Tyler Athletic and Swim Club - 2767 Oak Creek Blvd, Tyler

Gym 101 Fitness Center - 500 Allison Street, Gladewater

Parke Way Family Fitness Center - 2628 Bill Owens Pkwy, Longview

If you have others that you love, let us know.

Summer may be over and the city and neighborhood pools are closing for the season, but you'll be able to find water all year long if you try.  Being in a pool is great exercise as long as you're moving around and not just sipping mai tais on a floating lounge chair.  We got this.

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