Not even three months into the new ownership regime has fans complaining.

Meet the New Dallas Mavericks Owner Miram Adelson

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And Our New Dallas Mavericks Governor Patrick Dumont

Welcome these two lovely faces to our favorite Dallas basketball team. The Las Vegas Sands Corporation currently owns 70% of the Dallas Mavericks, which these two are a part of. This deal went down in December. I thought maybe this could be a part of the Dallas Mavericks possibly getting a new arena down the road, but I didn't think these two would try to bleed us of our money so early in their tenure.

Mavericks Raising Season Ticket Prices for Next Season

From what I am seeing from season ticket holders, the average fan will be paying 20 to 30 percent more to attend a Dallas Mavericks game next season.

That last one made me chuckle because I hate Dwight Powell with a passion. Seems like fans are most frustrated with loyalty pricing being eliminated. Basically if you had been a long time season ticket holder for the Mavericks your price was locked in. That is now gone.

What Does it Cost to Go to a Mavericks Game Now?

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According to Sportskeeda, this season they did the average ticket price for every NBA team. The Dallas Mavericks are in the upper half of the NBA with the highest average ticket price. They currently sit at 11th on the list with an average price of $249. I won't lie, I was just at the game a few weeks ago and that was right around what I had to pay. It's getting crazy to attend sporting events and it looks like it will be even worse next year.

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Former Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is usually very active on X (formerly Twitter), not anything from him on this. Although he is not majority owner of the Mavericks anymore, he still in charge of basketball operations for the team. I get that the Mavericks have been on a hot streak recently after the trade deadline. They're still a seventh seed right now and also tanked at the end of last season (you will NEVER convince me that team was not tanking). Raising ticket prices right now just seems wrong, but hey. I can't afford to buy the Mavericks to change things and I damn sure can't afford to buy season tickets either.

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