Earth Day 2021 is April 22. 

People around the world, in our country, and even right here in East Texas have many differences. We have different backgrounds, opinions, and pet peeves. Yet, we also have a great deal in common.

One thing we DEFINITELY have in common is that we are all "Earthlings." This planet is our home. Granted, we may have varying thoughts about the best way to manage this planet or about the level and type of stewardship we feel are our responsibility. Some of us may even dream about living on Mars someday.

However, right now--this is our home. And it is beautiful. It also needs our care.

I do tend to lean a bit more "environmentally-aware" than I used to in my early years. When I was younger, I guess I just figured that the earth was way bigger than us and caring for the planet was way above my "pay grade." I mean, what could just one little person do to make a difference for the entire planet?

After delving in and doing a bit of research, over time it became evident to me that actually, each one of us really can make a difference in the overall health of the planet. Even though my choice may seem small, I am a part of a collective that can influence and even change the trajectory of the health of our planet.

Now, to me Earth Day is not only a warning to care for the planet. No, it's also simply a celebration of the beauty of our little blue planet in the Milky Way galaxy. How amazing that in the midst of this galaxy, and the entire universe, we have this gorgeous, life-sustaining planet that provides all of our physical needs. It's awe-inspiring and worth celebrating.

There have also been efforts in making Earth Day a national holiday. Why? Think about it. When we take time to appreciate Earth, and acknowledge it with a special day to do so, we're likely to feel more connected to it. Which means we are more likely to protect it.

You can also celebrate Earth Day in the simplest ways. How? Simply making it a point to spend more time outside and realizing the gift that it is. You may also want to explore some of the easiest ways to engage in caring for our beautiful little planet in the Milky Way galaxy. Here's a good place to start.

I'd also recommend the latest documentary by David Attenborough called A Life on Our Planet. It's extremely well done.

Here are some ways you can acknowledge day (or entire month) right there at home:

14 Simple Ways To Live More Earth-Friendly

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