Bacon. Few things in the English language inspire as much ooh-ing and ahh-ing in East Texas. There's bacon itself, bacon on pizza, donuts bedecked with bacon sprinkles, bacon-wrapped peppers... I mean, I can almost hear Bubba from Forrest Gump delivering his signature shrimp tirade from the movie, only this time with bacon.

Restaurants, clearly having recognized this passion, have gotten in on the action. Why, just today McDonald's even gave away free bacon for an hour today to customers who ordered an item off the menu. Why? Well, to play up their new fancy-pants applewood-smoked bacon, of course. Sidebar: Does anyone know what kind of a difference applewood really makes? I mean, to bacon-lovers, it's the bacon, right? (Although I will google that later.)

Regardless of the plethora of bacon-inspired edibles, the bacon cheeseburger is still at the top of the list. So, for all of you bacon-loving maniacs, we heard about an offer and had to pass it along.

Right now, through February 4, Wendy's is offering a free Baconator when you place an order of at least $10 through food home delivery service, Door Dash. They've even given the give-a-way it's own Twitter handle of "FREEBACONATOR."

See, that's how important bacon is to some people. It gets it own Twitter account.

So, is this a bad time to discuss eating more vegetables? ;)

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