'If there was a state meat, it surely would be brisket. Texans take it seriously.' Those are the words spoken from Nick Pencis about BBQ and Stanley Famous Pit Bar-B-Q in Tyler. When it comes to brisket, Stanley's is among the standouts in Texas and they've been serving up pit smoked BBQ for more than 50 years right here in Tyler.

I first heard about Stanley's shortly after moving to Tyler nearly 20 years ago and was told - if you want Stanley's for lunch, you better go early and get in line, because once they've sold out, you're outta luck! That's still true to this day (although I don't recall them ever running out of anything while I'm there!) Whether it's the brisket, a famous sandwich like the Brother-In-Law or Mother Clucker, ribs or tacos you're gonna get the best bbq in the state because as soon as you walk in to place your order you know its award winning because the trophy's and metal plaques are hanging right above the register and serving counters for all to see!

I believe I've found a new favorite among Stanley's menu too, the Giant Frito Pie! Yeah, a Frito pie at a BBQ joint! Don't worry, it's not made with chili, it's made with nothing else but brisket! It's loaded with brisket, cowboy beans, Frito's, cheese and bbq sauce of course! Just a little twist on a Texas favorite.

Stanley Famous Pit Bar-B-Q is also a huge supporter of the Red Dirt BBQ + Music Festival in downtown Tyler. Stanley's has helped bring in bbq joints from around the state for this festival that takes place in downtown Tyler each spring. Look for Stanley's and twenty other joints to be set up in downtown for the festival on Saturday, May 6th.

So when you're craving the 'unofficial' Meat of Texas you know right where to go - Stanley Famous Pit Bar-B-Q at 525 S. Beckham Ave (at the north end of the hospital district) in Tyler.

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