I think I've made a new friend at my home just south of Tyler, Texas. And now I'm considering starting my own Hundred Acre Wood. Or, THREE Acre Wood, rather.

For the past several days, this hawk has been patrolling my property. Now, I've heard hawks flying over from time to time and when I do I a) make sure my cats are inside and b) say a little prayer for any of the squirrels who make their homes within my realm. However, this has been...different.

Yeah--three days now. This hawk calls and/or squawks, for hours at a time. The first time I heard it I wandered outside curiously onto my front porch and WHOOOOSH! The enormous hawk dove down over my roof line, down to eye level, before ascending into the tall pine tree just north of my front door.

This went on throughout the day until I finally just became semi-accustomed to the sounds of my new visitor.

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The next day I was coming home and I was pulling up I saw the hawk again, in all of its wild glory, perched on the fence. I paused in the road, taken aback. And then I was even more surprised as I inched forward to the turn onto my driveway and it didn't budge. At all. It looked at me with its piercing hawk eyes, and even turned its head to the side. But still, it remained perched atop my fence.

The swooshing and calling has continued today to the point where I confess, I've been googling "hawk visiting" just to see what I could find. Hey, maybe it's a good omen? Hmm. Well, let's just say if they're right and I'm due for a spiritual awakening I'm good with that. That'd certainly make life more interesting.

But, if in reality it's simply a moment in time where I was given the gift of seeing this magnificent bird up close and he just wanted to stay for the weekend, I'm good with that, too.

Grateful. :)

Have you ever had an animal visit your property in a way that felt more than just a sighting? I would love to hear from ya at tara.holley@townsquaremedia.com.

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