Thieves are the lowest of the low. Those thieves don't always have to be breaking into your home or car either. Some thieves like to be tricky and offer a great deal or a nice gift. Some of these thieves will just straight up threaten you with immediate arrest. That is what is going around now in Smith County according the Smith County Sheriff's Office.

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Threatening Calls

Many of us have gotten a call before from a bill collector or other entity and instead of being professional about completing the transaction, they immediately go into a threat. Personally, I've heard threats of automatically garnishing my bank account all the way up to a police officer is on the way to the station to arrest me. I found the arrest threat pretty funny as I will just tell the caller "okay" and hang up the phone with no officer showing up with handcuffs.

What Threat is Going Around Smith County Right Now

The Smith County Sheriff's Office sent out a press release saying they had been made aware of someone calling residents and telling them they have missed jury duty and will be arrested unless payment is given immediately. The caller will use the name of Sgt. Kevin Mobley from the Tyler Police Department.

You can verify any questionable calls by calling the Smith County Sheriff’s Office at (903) 566-6600.

The Smith County Sheriff's Office WILL NOT call anyone at random to ask for money. If you receive a call like this, the Sheriff's Office advises you to just hang up the phone. Don't fall victim to any of these scams.

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