Gregg County Sheriff's Office says someone is calling people all across the state, saying they are a lieutenant with the sheriff's office then telling the person they have outstanding warrants, fines or did not show up for jury duty. The caller would then ask for debit or credit card information.

Deputy Josh Tubb told KLTV, "This is not how we operate, and if anyone has doubts or concerns about a possible fraud, hang-up and call our main line at 903-236-8400."

Gregg County Crime Stoppers posted this statement about the calls.

"SCAM ALERT: A telephone scam has been reported concerning an individual who is posing as a deputy with the Gregg County Sheriff's Office Warrant Division telling people that there is a warrant for their arrest. The scammer has subjects purchase pay pal cards, then have you call them back and provide them the pay pal card numbers, then transferring the money from the cards into there account."

So far, there have been no reports of anyone going through with the phone calls.

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