Justin Bieber has been making headlines the last few months for his outrageous behavior, but last night that all turned around. While in New York City, Justin dined out late at Serafina while a crowd of about 30 female fans awaited his exit.

When the Biebs left the restaurant we saw a side of him that we haven't seen in awhile, Nice Bieber. E! reports that the girls swarmed the SUV, but instead of jetting off Justin rolled down the window and made their night.

He began signing autographs and visiting with the girls. One patron told E!, "It was so
nice of him and the girls were just going crazy, screaming and crying. Even one of the mothers who was there with her daughter couldn't get over it. We heard her say, ‘My God, this is a miracle, we waited six hours for this."

Beliebers everywhere will be happy to hear that Justin's got more good news on the horizon, he is planning to release new music in October and a new documentary, Believe, planned for December.

Remember when he released 'Baby' in 2010?


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