I'm fairly certain this would be one of the most fun jobs to have in all of the world. Photographing your food for a living? Heck most of us do that, but to get paid for it, as well?

Although, this lady takes food photography to the next level. In fact, before the photos are even taken, she's created true edible art. Not only is it delightful to look at, but the ingredients she uses always inspire me to wander into the kitchen for a snack. Check it out for inspirational ideas to influence your kids to eat more healthfully or to add an extra bit of creativity to your Sunday morning brunches.

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Norwegian Instagrammer Ida Skivenes's account @idafrosk is a full-time food artist. She wasn't always, though. She used to earn her living as a statistician when she casually started sharing photos of her breakfasts back in 2012. The artistry and whimsy of her posts began to garner much attention. Eventually, she was able to quit her day job and now has over 248,000 followers who look forward to her daily postings.

Her philosophy is "that food should be fun, tasty, and for the most part healthy." Her food photos of monkey pancakes, Minnie Mouse-inspired lunches, and even edible renderings of literary figures made out of pesto, are humorous, beautiful, and one could imagine, delicious.

In fact, now she has a book out called Eat Your Art Out: Playful Breakfasts by IdaFrosk. Isn't that one of the most delightful you've ever heard? Visit her website at www.idafrosk.com to learn more.

But for now, ready to see some of her incredible, artistic, edible creations? Prepare to be inspired:

This Edible Art Takes Food Photos To The Next Level!!

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