Mix 93-1 and CTCU are proud to recognize outstanding teachers from our East Texas classrooms!

This week's recipient is Mrs. Scott-Hawkins of Longview ISD. Mrs. Scott-Hawkins is a pre-ap and biology teacher at Longview High School.

Mrs. Scott-Hawkins was nominated by a student who really enjoys her style of teaching in the classroom:

Mrs. Hawkins is always ready for the day and not only does she teach us the material we need but we have fun while doing it and that's quite hard to imagine coming from a Junior. She is free spirited and not only does she teach the International Baccalaureate Program but also 9th grade Pre-Ap and International Scholars students as well. She loves what she does and we love her being honest and earthy with us in class!!

Mix 93-1 and CTCU are proud to select this student's nomination and are proud to announce Mrs. Scott-Hawkins as the Mix 93-1 CTCU Teacher Of The Week award!

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