Mix 93-1 and CTCU are proud to recognize outstanding teachers from our East Texas classrooms!

This week's recipient is Mrs. Styles, an 8th grade science teacher at Pittsburg Jr. High .

Mrs. Styles was nominated by one of her students who had this to say about her:

Mrs. Styles should receive this award because she is an outstanding teacher and she cares of every single one of her students and will help you out with a problem. She has made an impact on my life, now I am an amazing student in science and can comprehend it. However, she is also an upbeat teacher and goes with the flow and she also will make you feel at home and just enjoy coming to school instead of wanting to skip and all that stuff. Mrs. Styles should be nominated because I want her to feel appreciated and know that one of her students does care about her! Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.

Congratulations to Mrs. Styles of Pittsburg Jr. High for being named the Mix 93-1 CTCU Teacher of the Week!

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