Yellowstone is one of the most popular television shows on right now. Because of that popularity, spin offs shows are starting to be created to tell the story of the Dutton family. We've had 1883 and and now 1923 to get a glimpse into the Dutton family past. We'll have another spin off called 6666 which will focus on the famous ranch in West Texas. Over the next couple of months, filming will be taking place in North Texas for another spin off series called 1883: Bass Reeves which will tell the true story of America's first black U.S. Deputy Marshall.

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Filming in Waxahachie

February 13 and 14, the area around the Ellis County Courthouse in Waxahachie will closed as crews for the new Yellowstone spin off series, 1883: Bass Reeves, will be filming some scenes inside the courthouse and on the streets surrounding the courthouse ( Obviously, what scenes are being filmed is not known as that could spoil parts of the show. Nothing was said of extras being needed for the shoots like was announced for filming for the same show in Fort Worth.

Story of Bass Reeves

The story being told in this spin off series will be based on the true events of Bass Reeves, the first black U.S. Marshall. Reeves started as a slave of William Reeves, a farmer and politician from Arkansas. The family moved everything to Grayson County, Texas in 1846.

After Bass was freed following the Civil War, he moved to Arkansas to become a farmer and rancher. Bass was recruited by U.S. Marshall James F. Fagan to oversee the Indian Territory of Oklahoma, which, at the time, was a big hideout for murderers, thieves and anyone else hiding from the law. Bass brought in more than 3,000 outlaws, including his own son, and killed 14 others (

Some have said that Bass was the inspiration for radio and television show The Lone Ranger. However, there is no proof of that.

Yellowstone's Popularity in Texas

For Texans, Yellowstone is a very popular and very relatable series. That's due to it's connection to our state with the 6666 ranch and the many Texas and Red Dirt artists that have appeared or had their music played on the show. Knowing that this latest spin off will feature some areas of our state will add to the show's interest.

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