For kids and adults alike, having an amusement park in your backyard would be a dream come true. Opening the back door and hopping on a roller coaster would be an absolute blast. Thanks to an iconic Waco amusement park set to be renovated, you could own a ride or two for your own enjoyment.

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Kiddieland in Waco has been entertaining families since it opened in 1952. This park had everything from small scale roller coasters to a go cart track to a putt putt course. The park ended up closing due the COVID-19 pandemic but reopened briefly this past Summer for a last bit of family entertainment. The condition of the park has become a huge concern for the city, however. So much so, the city of Waco almost cancelled the land lease for the park.

It was agreed upon to give the park a major overhaul. The means that any and everything is up for sale through this Thursday, November 18. When I say any and everything, I mean any and everything. Whole buildings are up for auction, including concessions and bathrooms. Parking lot light poles are available to bid on. Even the entirety of the go cart track, the go carts, and the putt putt course are available to buy.

Many rides are for sale as well including a kiddie Ferris wheel and mini roller coaster down to coin operated rides. Even park benches, concrete picnic tables, pavilions and other park pieces are for sale.

This brings a whole new meaning to everything must go.

This auction will help provide funds for the city to use to renovate the park. If you're interested in throwing a bid in for an item or two, head over to to check out all the auction items. You can also see a few of the rides and attractions for sale below.

Waco's Kiddieland Amusement Park Auction Items Available through November 18, 2021

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