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The City of Tyler is situated in East Texas. In April of 1846 Smith County was created by the first legislative session, and the area now known as Tyler was selected as the county seat. In 1850 the Tyler city government was incorporated. The city was named after President John Tyler in recognition of his support for admitting Texas to the United States.

Initially, cotton and corn were big crops in Tyler, but fruit orchards gained importance. By 1900 over one million fruit trees -- primarily peach -- were in the area. However, a peach blight wiped out many of the fruit trees, leading many farmers in the city to turn to growing roses.

By 1920. the rose industry was blooming in Tyler, proving to be a major industry. More than half the supply of U.S. roses came from Tyler by the 1940s. This booming business paved the way for the annual Texas Rose Festival in 1933, which to this day is a major attraction in Tyler. To this day, roses are still an important aspect of the city and its history, leading it to be called the 'Rose Capital of America.'

The weather in Tyler is typical for East Texas, being a bit unpredictable. During spring and summer months thunderstorms, heavy rain, hail, damaging winds and tornados occur.

Summer months are hot and humid in the area with maximum temperatures exceeding 90 degrees for an average of 91 days per year. Winters are typically cool to mild. The record-high temperature for Tyler is 115 degrees and the record-low is -3 degrees.

The city is home to three colleges, including the University of Texas at Tyler, Tyler Junior College, and Texas College. It has two major health systems, UT Health East Texas and CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Tyler.

As it has grown, Tyler has become known as East Texas' manufacturing, educational, health care, and retail center. Tyler is a city that even with steady growth, it continues to offer that small-town charm.

Tyler Facts

Population: 107,192 (2021)

Area code: 903

Elevation: 544′

Mayor: Don Warren

Known for: Roses!

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