Two nights ago, I was doing household chores and looking for something to watch on Netflix while I worked when I came across Katy Perry: 'Part of Me' movie.

When the film first came out I didn't have much interest in Perry. I liked her music, but I hadn't really paid too much attention to her performances. With the release of Prism coming up in a few weeks, I thought I should do my homework.

I started the film and started my laundry at the same time, but before I knew it the clothes had been sitting in the washer for 20 minutes. I was completely entranced by her story. Yes, the film was produced in part by Perry herself so there may some areas that were glossed over, but in general I viewed it as an honest depiction of her touring life.

The film showed clips from her childhood, paying her dues with different labels and performances from her tour. I was amazed at the elaborate stage productions and costumes that Perry and her team dreamed up to entertain her fans.

More than anything I was impressed at her dedication. The film showed her devotion not only to her career, but also to her family, friends and her fans. I gained a new appreciation for her music, performances and her overall nature.

If you enjoy her music, take the time to watch the film - I highly recommend it.


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