A Lufkin, Texas pastor explains his church's choice to leave the Southern Baptist Convention.

The Southern Baptist Convention recently met in Indianapolis, Indiana and covered various issues. One of those was 'An amendment to the SBC constitution to enforce the denomination’s doctrinal view that women cannot be pastors failed despite receiving 61% support. The measure needed a two-thirds majority to pass,' according to a story shared by the Nashville Tennessean.

While the measure failed to pass, it was close.

The issue of whether or not women in church leadership should be allowed in the collection of Southern Baptist Churches has been going on for years. As the discussion has continued amongst those who head the largest protestant church in the U.S., the discussion has been ongoing with members and the general population.

Some churches and pastors that were once devoted members of the Southern Baptist Convention have changed their views over the years which has put them at odds with the SBC.

One of those churches is in Lufkin, Texas.

KTRE sat down with the Reverend Mark Newton of the First Baptist Church in Lufkin to discuss.

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First Baptist Church of Lufkin has been around for about 140 years. The congregation was a part of the SBC until last year when they stopped sending financial support to the SBC.

During the interview with KTRE, Rev. Newton said they decided to leave 'due to their diminishing and demeaning views on women in ministry.'

Newton also said, 'God calls women just like God calls men to be pastors and spiritual leaders.' Their church affirms women in church leadership--whether as deacons or pastors.

Watch the interview with Rev. Newton here.

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