Normally when a minor allegedly engages in a serious crime such as this, the name isn't released to the public. UNLESS the police feel they are a danger to society.

That is the situation we're dealing with here.

On December 26, three people were murdered at a gas station and now Garland Police are looking for 14-year-old Abel Elias Acosta. ABC13 reports Garland PD "said Wednesday that they have evidence showing he was the gunman who left three teens dead and wounded a fourth at the suburban gas station's convenience store Sunday."

The teen is on the loose and is considered armed and dangerous. You can see the surveillance video and report by ABC13 below which shows a shirtless male with a gun walking to the door of the gas station. He then proceeds to fire from the doorway. As aforementioned, three died and another was wounded.

ABC13 also reports that "Those killed were 14-year-old Xavier Gonazalez, 16-year-old Ivan Noyala, and 17-year-old Rafael Garcia, according to police. A 15-year-old who was a cook at the store was taken to the hospital following the shooting and was expected to survive'"

But it's important to note that Abel Acosta didn't act alone.

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Abel Acosta shot "more than 20 rounds from a .40-caliber pistol before fleeing in the Dodge Ram pickup driven by Richard Acosta, who they said also brought the gunman to the gas station, said Garland Police.

Investigators believe the shooting was retaliatory in nature.

A statement from the Garland Police reveals that his father, 33-year-old Richard Acosta has turned himself in to authorities after the murders. He has also been charged with capital murder for his role in the crime as a "getaway driver."

Lt. Pedro Barineau said prosecutors are currently determining whether or not the younger Acosta will be tried in court as a minor or as an adult.

Garland Police have also arrested another teenager who, though not the shooter, is still considered a "person-of-interest."

Here's the video:

Sending love to the families of those who lost loved ones in this horrific tragedy.

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