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I saw a statement about chili in the Texas Humor Facebook group that said, "Just your regular PSA that beans do NOT go in chili." There are close to 800 comments from people waxing poetic about whether or not beans go INSIDE the chili. I stared at the comments in disgust. Who is out here eating chili with no beans in it?


If you are not putting beans in your chili, then you might as well call me "Karen" because I want to speak to your manager! I am clutching my invisible pearls over here. Chili is supposed to have BEANS in it! Now, if you are allergic to beans or hate beans in general, then, of course, this debate is not for you. Keep on scrolling. We are still cool.

I was born and raised in Nashville, not Texas, so maybe it's just a Tennessee thing to have beans in your chili? Is that how we are getting down out here in Texas: ARE YOU TEAM NO BEANS?!

A big bowl of chili without any beans in it just boggles my mind. As long as I've been living on this Planet Earth, my chili has always had beans in it. I didn't know there was any other way to have it. This would explain why every time I head to the store to get some canned chili, there are cans that say, "With Beans". I'm always like, what do you mean WITH?

Chili with BEANS
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Does it make me bougie that I have to have beans in my chili?

Well then watch me be fancy, living my best life-WITH BEANS in my chili!

Here are some of the comments I saw from the Texas Humor Facebook group that caught my eye:

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