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The Gregg County intake office and jailers were busy once again this past weekend. The staff processed 50 people into their system from 3 p.m. Friday afternoon through Sunday night. Making it another busy, or somewhat typical, weekend for the jail (depending upon how you look at it).

Agencies from around Gregg County are continually monitoring things, keeping us safe while keeping an eye out for the criminals, but sometimes when the bad guys think they're doing ok, they'll trip themselves up and land right into the cuffs of an arresting officer. They could be doing something minor, like not signaling a turn, showing up somewhere they're not supposed to be and end up having their identity run through a computer system or blowing into a piece of equipment that blows their cover.

Suspects were brought to the Gregg County jail from Longview Police Department, Kilgore Police Department, Gregg County Sheriff's Office, Texas Department Of Public Safety, and White Oak Police Department. Some of the charges these suspects are facing include:

  • aggravated assault with a deadly weapon
  • possession of marijuana
  • unlawful carrying of a weapon
  • driving while intoxicated
  • resisting arrest
  • criminal trespass
  • bond violation
  • protective order violation

After being processed into the Gregg County Jail, some had bonds set against them, some are awaiting a bond, some posted bail and are now released but will have to return to court to face the charges that have been filed against them.

No matter what the circumstances are, these suspects are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Many are waiting for that day to be set.

The Gregg County Jail Booked In 50 People Last Weekend

The Gregg County intake office and jailers were busy once again this past weekend.

More Than 50 People Were Booked Into The Gregg Co. Jail Last Weekend

The Gregg County Sheriff's intake office at the Gregg County Jail was pretty busy this past weekend. The cell doors in the jail kept opening and shutting as more than fifty people were booked into the jail this past Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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