Memorabilia can sometimes be rather expensive, so we trolled the internet to find out how expensive Kidd Kraddick Morning Show stuff was online.

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After scouring through auction sites like eBay, the cast found some goodies for sale. Some of the items could be considered extremely rare and you'd think these items would be fetching an extremely high price. So producer Nick knew how much each of the following items were worth and each cast member had to guess the exact price to win the round. They were guessing on the prices of the following:

“The Mommy Test” CD 2005
Kinsey’s “I Love Shoes That Rock” Shirt
DISH NATION – 11×17 Original Promo TV Poster
Kidd Kraddick In The Morning (autographed) Signed Shirt
Tim Halperin Signed 4×6 Photo
“Save That!” CD 2004
Rude Awakenings by Kidd Kraddick

Watch the video below to see how much each item is going for and who wins the contest.

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