This is everyday in my house.

When I stumbled onto this 'day of the year,' I smiled. I find it funny that we have national days of the year for things that I feel like are sort of common place. However, I'm also all about celebrating all things feline.

Which means, today I'll hug my cats extra. Yes, you read that right cats, plural. I have three cats at this point in my life. I adopted my oldest cat Labor Day weekend in 2006. That day, I brought home two kittens, Tammy and Georgie. Georgie sadly passed away at the age of ten on Black Friday 2016.

In March, my husband and I decided to add to our cat family. We adopted two sister from the same litter, and named them Stella and Alice. We've found them to be at times incredibly cuddly, easy to hug, and other times wild and crazy.

This morning I saw both. They are about four months old and growing fast. So today, on National Hug Your Cat Day. I celebrate all three, and will give them an extra hug.

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