OK, so most of us have heard of triathlons. But what exactly is a "mindfulness triathlon?"

You'll have a chance to find out and participate, if you'd like, very soon. True Vine Brewery is Tyler is hosting their 2nd annual "Adventum Mindfulness Triathlon" this Saturday, October 26, at their location at 2453 Earl Campbell Pkwy in tyler.

The "Adventum Mindfulness Triathlon" was created by Adventum Creator and Tyler resident Colleen Long. She created the triathlon because of her "passion for mental health and her own personal journey" through anxiety and depression. She felt compelled to work toward removing the stigma that is sometimes attached to mental health. She has an incredible, inspirational story and you can read more about it here.

She was compelled to find a way to address her own depression and anxiety and found that "running, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness helped her process her grief and empowered her to be present in the midst of her pain." Colleen shares that because of her life-changing experience, she developed a passion to share these tools with others. What a beautiful story.

That is how the "Adventum Mindfulness Triathlon" was born in 2018 in Tyler Her goal is to expand the triathlon to other cities with the ultimate goal of helping to "elevate mental health on a broader scale."

So what exactly is it? It begins with a 2 mile walk/run, followed by 45 minutes of yoga led by BeFree Yoga, and 20 minutes of meditation facilitated by Scott Martin from East Texas Stress Reduction Clinic. Scott will also share some valuable info about the "neuroscience and scientific research that explains the benefits of mindfulness for your mental health."

After all of that, you may choose to hang out and enjoy a True Vine Beer and meet some of the local sponsors who have made this endeavor possible and check out the resources available for bettering and promoting positive awareness about the issues surrounding mental health--no stigma here. At the very end of the event, there will be a sound bowl session by Toni Dussex from Freedom Yoga.

There's even a special "Kids' Mindfulness Triathlon," too!

A percentage of the proceeds from this event will benefit Bethesda Health Clinic and Samaritan Counseling Center of East Texas.

Get registration and more detailed information about the organization and the event here.

I love stories like this. Some of the most life-changing, paradigm-shifting endeavors begin from organic journeys like Colleen's. I'm inspired. Maybe I'll see you there. :)

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