After the year we've had, it's hard to imagine making big changes in your life. Heck, even little ones can seem challenging right now. For many of us, we're doing our best to maintain some semblance of the "status quo."

Ironically, I found many of my friends and fellow East Texans have become reflective during our months of quarantine. This year has cause several to become more introspective about their lives--about what matters, what they love, what they can live without, and what they'd like to change in the new year.

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There's something about living through a difficult season that can make us grateful for the things we've been missing. Tough times can become a type of catalyst for "waking up" and realizing how precious our lives are. We are reminded that there's no time to waste--so get busy living a life that you love.

You don't have to do a giant life overhaul, though. Often, just deciding to incorporate one new *better* habit, or taking one small step toward the life you want to be living is the key. And, living in these smaller changes consistently.

The good news is, these little changes do add up. I've heard it said that you can change your entire life in a year. You just have to love yourself enough to fully realize you deserve more. Those you love deserve more. Then you'll become brave enough to gently demand better things for yourself.

But you don't demand these things of others--but of yourself. Over time, you'll start to gain more self-respect which will empower you to live with more self-discipline. (Not punishment--discipline--very different things.) It's this self- discipline that will inspire you to take the actions required to see your life truly, finally, change for the better.

You can do this. Let's meet back here this time next year?

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