And honestly, this happy "ending" is only the beginning. Lindy has a bright future ahead of her. And after months and months of loving rehabilitation with the SPCA of East Texas, Lindy is ready to find her forever family.

When we first heard about Lindy, a severely abused dog rescued from a Lindale, Texas "home," we weren't sure she was going to make it. And heartbreakingly, neither were the people at the SPCA of East Texas.

It was one of the worst cases of dog abuse you've likely ever seen. She'd been beaten, starved, and was trapped with people who weren't giving her even the extreme minimum level of care needed.

You can get caught up on the details of her sad story here and a follow up story is available here.

As a devoted animal lover, I can't tell you how happy her recovery has made me. I'll never understand how human beings could be so cruel to such unconditionally loving animals. The idea of her being adopted and having the beautiful life she deserves actually has me tearing up a little this afternoon.

And in addition to the incredible care she received from the SPCA of ETX, ya know who else made her healing possible? Kind-hearted East Texans who sent money to fund her care and even prayed for her recovery.

Here are a few words from the SPCA of East Texas Facebook Page regarding Lindy:

We rescued Lindy back in September and she has been through a complete transformation! Coming in as just a bag of bones and no fur, she was shown no love or compassion from any human her entire existence. It took months in our care for her to recover from how emaciated she was and has finally grown all her hair back! We are more than happy to be able to share her journey to recovery through our Facebook live videos showing how much everyone's donations and prayers helped give Lindy the second chance she deserved!

For more details on what kind of family may be best for Lindy and other FAQ's regarding her adoption, connect with the SPCA of ETX here.

Lindy. <3

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