If for whatever reason, you decide not to add a tip when requesting a food order from DoorDash, just know your order won't necessarily be the highest priority, according to a post shared by an online group based in Dallas, Texas.

I will never understand people who choose not to tip those who work so hard in our service industries. Granted, it makes sense not to feel obligated to tip at places where the employees are making a reasonable wage.

However, as someone who waited tables for years while working through college, I can tell you that some people LIVE on tips. The small check they receive is just a little bonus.

If you want your food delivered promptly, this post suggests that choosing to not tip could cause your order to be delayed here in Texas.

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Here's the original post that was shared on the Dallas Texas TV Facebook page:

Perhaps this is a way DoorDash is trying to encourage some to reconsider before opting out of tipping the people driving here and there to deliver your order. Or maybe they just want to reward people who offer more compensation to their drivers. Whatever the case, it may be something you want to consider.

I know, some people feel it shouldn't fall on the shoulders of the general populace to tip people in the service industry.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. At the same time, this is the way our service industry has been set up for years in the United States. However one feels about tipping, I personally don't feel we should punish workers for trying to make a living.

You've been warned. ;)

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