Do not get caught in the halftime concession line or the bathroom line if you're going to a college football game this weekend. The halftime shows are too good!

We've been giving high fives to area marching bands that work hard and nail big performances, and this is another great example.

The LSU Marching Band killed it last weekend with its performance of TV themes for The Simpsons, The Office, and more.  Not only is the music spot on, but the marching formations end up in a guitar shape, a crown and they flawlessly spelling out the titles of the shows. And there's smoke!  That's always captivating.

The crowd loved it at halftime of the LSU vs. Louisiana Tech game last Saturday, and it's gotten thousands of views on social media since then.

These students are so talented.  How do they do make it happen?  Practice.  Lots and lots of practice.  One of the Youtube comments said, "They made us practice in the field house for 6 hours strait."  (We'll forgive the misspelling.  She's focused on band practice.)

The Tiger Marching Band is the biggest organization on the LSU campus and they cap it at 325 members.  The band has more students than the football team does, and probably more equipment too.

We'll give your East Texas marching band some love too, so please send in the clips if you have them.  (

If we stay home and watch the games on TV we miss the halftime shows, and they're usually worth the price of admission all by themselves.  Keep up the awesome work band kids.  You are impressive.

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