Mix 93-1 and CTCU are proud to recognize outstanding teachers from our East Texas classrooms!

This week's recipient is Mrs. Armstrong, a science teacher at Mineola High School.

Mrs. Armstrong was nominated by a student who is apparently extremely excited to be in her science class.

Mrs. Armstrong makes her classes fun by doing labs almost every day. Just in the first six weeks of school, we've done cooking labs to learn about conversions, we made air rockets to learn about variables, and now we're working on fuel rockets to learn about projectiles. I've never had a science teacher that teaches so much while we're having fun.

It sounds like it's a 'blast' to be in Mrs. Armstrong's science class!

Mix 93-1 and CTCU are proud to select this student's nomination to name Mrs. Armstrong the Mix 93-1 CTCU Teacher Of The Week!

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