Finally, some good news to report on the wildfire that has been ravaging acres of Texas.

This Wildfire Started on February 26th

That's right, crews across the Texas panhandle have been working tirelessly for almost a month to try and contain what has been called the Smokehouse Creek Fire. It will go down as the largest wildfire in Texas history due to the amount of acreage that was burnt in the fire. Thankfully thanks to local officials, many were able to evacuate in time and the total deaths for people was only two.

Cattle, Farmland, and Houses Were Lost in the Fire

Looks like the biggest loss in the fires were cattle. Ranchers with not enough time to transport their herds sadly had them lost in the fire. Hundreds of homes have also been destroyed due to the fire as well. Reports say, 500 structures have been lost to the blaze.  In total 1,058,482 acres of land were officially burned over the past several weeks.

Fire Was Caused by Down Power Lines from Xcel Energy

Looks like Xcel Energy is taking the blame for the Smokehouse Creek Fire originally starting. Sparks from a downed power line are believed to have started the fire back on February 26th. Lawsuits have already been filed against the energy company, but we will not likely see the full outcome of that for years to come.

Fire 100% Contained on March 16th, 2024

If you missed it over the weekend. The Texas A&M Forest Service officially shared the amazing news that the fire was 100% contained. All fire officials who came in from all over Texas were officially sent back home. Thanks to all the brave men and women who put their lives on the line over the past few weeks trying to get this thing under control. It's been a story we have all been keeping an eye on and now it's safe to say that it is officially done.

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