The next time you feel burnt out, you just need to book a cruise. According to researchers from China, Cruises will help you relax and give you some amazing health perks. No this isn't some ploy for you to finally take your significant other out on that cruise you keep promising them, however, you could make sure you show them this. Did you know that the feel-good effect of a cruise can be felt for up to 6 months after you're landlocked? Taking a cruise helps you in 3 major ways. First, you find joy in traveling to multiple places which makes you use that part of your brain that processes the wonderful experience of visiting a new place. Second, You meet new people on cruises, which somehow makes you happier. Third, it's not just an emotional experience, you are constantly stimulated, in the best of ways according to the study.

"A pleasant tourist experience brings about a number of benefits such as improvements in physical and mental health, educational development, personal interest, social value, emotion, family and relationships, and job performance; this may ultimately lead to improvements in one's subjective well‐being." International Journal of Tourism Research

The lead author in the study called travel a "meaningful activity where people recognize self-worth and are able to find inspiration". You already know that this means you need to book a cruise and print this out and let it serve as your doctors note.

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