I don't know about you, but I sure am OVER this freaking Texas blizzard mess. It's like we can't catch a break! Driving around town sucks, these toe-curdling temperatures suck, and MOST of all, having everything and their mama shut down for the blizzard just SUCKS!

Here are the top five things I bet you wish were open in this Texas-sized blizzard.

1. The Warterburger in East Texas!



Townsquare Media El Paso
Townsquare Media El Paso


"Warterburgers" have been closing up shop all over Texas, even as far as Houston! This has to be one of the signs of the Apocalypse I've been reading about in the Reverlations. (Yes, I know it's spelled REVELATION!)



2. The Power Company!


Getty Images/Arman Davtyan



3. The Floodgates of Heaven



Doggie in the Snow
Getty Images/AnetaPics

Actually, we wish that was closed. I saw a tweet from a dude who took out a regular old ruler and measured snow reaching up to 7 inches in his back yard. SEVEN! Just watch out what you wish for, like a badass Texas doggie peeing on your leg in the snow!


4. A Free Generator Store!


Portable electric generator running in the cold winter.
Vitaliy Halenov

I know people say you wish in one hand and you-know-what in the other, but come on, man, we could all use some generators right about now. Some no-heat-having problems would be solved, that's why! Too bad there's not a "Have one, Get One Free!" (HOGO) sale at the Generator Supercenter!


5. The Fishin' Hole!


Getty Images/Ingram Publishing


It's understandable, with everything all frozen up, there's limited spots for some good fishing. At least you can make the most of all this unexpected free time at home by practicing your "casting" in the backyard pool like this guy in a video tweet!

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