How Many People Skip Out on Washing Their Hands?
Do you wash your hands EVERY time you use a public restroom?
Perhaps you wash your hands religiously after using the restroom at a store or restaurant, but not so much at work. Who cares, you know all those people in the office and they’re like family, right? You can let the hand-wash…
Taste of Home Cooking School is Tomorrow in Tyler
Tomorrow evening, culinary specialist Jamie Dunn from Taste Of Home will be demonstrating to East Texans how to prepare some quick and healthy meals in no time! Jamie will be preparing some mouth watering appetizers, main course dishes and, of course, desserts.
‘The Price Is Right’ Turns 40
Today marks the 40th anniversary of the phrase "Come on down!  You're the next contestant on The Price Is Right!"  The Price Is Right celebrates its 40th year on CBS today!
When The Price Is Right made its debut on TV, September 4, 1972, Bob Barker was the host and ho…
Football Fans at John Tyler High School are Recognized Nationwide
If you’ve been one of the thousands of fans in the stands and on the sidelines on a Friday night cheering on the John Tyler Lions, you know the atmosphere is electric.
Livability.com has released their list of the Top 10 High School Football cities in the country, and two East Texas t…
Tyler Makes Lots of Lumpia! It’s Egg Rolls For a Good Cause.
Purple is the color that’s become attached to pancreatic cancer awareness campaigns. Pictured is the memorial for Patrick Swayze, when he died of pancreatic cancer in 2009.
East Texans gathered Sunday to raise money and awareness for one person from Tyler who has been diagnosed with p…
Six Flags Over Texas Announces New Thrill Ride
This weekend is the last weekend you'll be able to ride The Texas Chute Out and Flashback at Six Flags Over Texas.  The park will stop operating these thrill rides Monday evening and the space will be occupied by a new thrill ride called the Texas SkyScreamer which will open in 2013!
Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ Turns 25 Today [POLL]
Twenty-five years ago today, Michael Jackson released his album Bad which was the follow up to the biggest selling album of all time, Thriller.  Bad spawned several hit records for Michael and coming up September 18th you can get your hands on a special 25th anniversary edition of Bad.
5 Ways to Spend Your Labor Day Weekend in East Texas
Labor Day weekend is here and it is time to take full advantage of a well deserved three day weekend. It is time to have one last hoorah of this summer, before school gets in the way and fall takes over. But what exactly is there to do in Tyler that makes a great goodbye to summer? Not to worry, her…
John Tyler Kicks off High School Football Season Against Lufkin
The season opener for John Tyler is Friday night at home, and we bet the crowd will be big at Rose Stadium. Fans have been waiting 9 months for the new season to kick off. Ask any pregnant mom. That's a long time!
John Tyler has been picked to do very well this season by our friends over at E…

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