Have you ever thought about taking a yoga class?

Why not try it leading up to the International Day of Yoga? The date is approaching on June 21. I had been curious about the practice of yoga for many years before I drummed up the courage to take my first class.

Around 15 years ago, I found a video online and practiced a few postures at my house. I bought a cheap yoga mat, and moved through a few warrior postures. I had no idea how to correctly breathe or if I was doing it right, but I was trying it.

Fast forward ten years, and a friend invited me to attend a class. I was pleasantly surprised to find I really enjoyed the class, despite the fact that I was not able to do everything and frankly a little lost.

I went back a few more times with my friend, and then we stopped. Then two years ago, I decided get my health back on track and found it again. I started with nutrition, then I practiced at home with online videos. I became consistent and gained enough confidence to return to a studio.

This time I decided to stick with it. Some weeks I'm able to go more often than others, but now I enjoy practicing at home and in the studio. If you're curious, try it. I find that connecting movement to my breath allows me to focus my mind better than ever. It's a special practice. June 21, the world will celebrate the International Day of Yoga, maybe you'll join me in practicing.

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