Since my last update on September 4th, I've experienced a milestone birthday and
managed to add a new gadget to help track my progress. My kind boyfriend gave me a FitBit Flex, and it's my new favorite toy.

The FitBit Flex is an activity tracker. What's awesome about it? You can wear it on your
wrist. The actual tracker is electronic and blue tooth compatible, but it fits into a rubber bracelet that you can wear all the time.

It has a very simple display - five led lights that show your progress. Each light represents 20% of your goal. All you have to do is double tap it, and it will light up and show your progress. At this moment today, I am at 40% of my step goal.


I love my flex. It allows me to track my steps throughout the workday, it tracks my sleep patterns and I can update it manually to track my weight, food and water intake. I love how simple and streamlined it is.

I haven't given up on my Nike+ app yet. I love the way it tracks my runs via GPS, and when I occasionally use my treadmill - like this morning - it tracks that, too. Then I just manually add it into my FitBit app - it's awesome. I like looking at my progress over the last few runs in one screen, and comparing my distance and times.



All of this is leading up to something I'm super excited about, but can't yet reveal, but if
you've got health and fitness goals that you are working toward you will want to pay attention - good news is coming!