OK, first of all--thanks for clicking on this post. I know in the midst of the daily turmoil, a post about dancing seems almost trivial. BUT. Hear me out.

Humans have a tendency to overthink EVERYTHING. Some of us more than others. We get lost in our heads, worrying about this or that, and before you know it we're practically in the fetal position wondering who we even are, what is life, and how the heck did we find ourselves in the middle of a GLOBAL pandemic. Yep. Been there.

This is one of the reasons why I advocate getting back into our bodies. What the heck does that even mean though?

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For a species that tends to default to mentally bombarding ourselves with worry about work, pandemics, kids, whatever, one of the most powerful antidotes is moving our bodies. Ya know, these other parts connected to our heads? Yeah that. For those that exercise on a regular basis, you know how differently you feel when you've worked out. It doesn't just make your body healthier, it calms your mind, too.

However, even if you're not a regular exerciser, that doesn't mean you can't re-connect with your body. In fact, I advocate that dancing is a great way to do that. NO you do not have to be a great dancer in order to do so. Which is way I advocate having your own dance parties--in private when no one is watching so you can just be free to move.

Don't worry about what you look like--seriously, just have fun. Remember when we used to do that as kids? Turn up the music and dance with abandon. Give it at least 15-20 minutes and I promise you'll feel better than you did. If you have a willing friend or significant other, GREAT. But feel free to dance alone if you need to--frankly, I do at least once per week.

Who knows? You might be inspired to sign up for a tap class. If you do, let me know, cuz I wanna go with you.

Take care of yourself, dear friend.

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