Teachers and students are in the home stretch of the 2023-2024 school year and the end of the school year is in sight. Summer vacation will be here and the assigning of homework and grading tests and papers will be over for teachers for a few months.

While East Texas teachers are making final plans for semester exams and classroom parties students are thinking about summer fun, but there is still some teaching to be done before the end of the year.

East Texas students do not realize how good they have it when it comes to their teachers. Some of the best teachers in the world are found right here in East Texas.

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Mix 93-1 and White Oak ISD would like to recognize an outstanding teacher who was nominated from school districts and universities across East Texas. With so many talented, wonderful, and outstanding teachers it is hard to pick out one, but we did it!

Mix 93-1 and White Oak ISD would like to recognize this week's Mix 93-1 Teacher Of The Week:

Mrs. Fryman of Mt. Enterprise High School

Mrs. Fryman teaches theater and theater tech to her students at Mt. Enterprise. She was nominated by a parent of one of her students and had this to say about her:

Mrs. Fryman is an amazing teacher that does anything for anyone else. She is always there if you need her and is struggling. She led One Act Play to multiple State meets, multiple students to state in Tech theater with film and design, while taking care of her family in need and helping Spanish speaking students learn English. Anyone she meets loves her. She deserves everything and more.

Mix 93-1 and White Oak ISD congratulate Mrs. Fryman on being named the Mix 93-1 Teacher Of The Week and we thank her for her hard work and dedication to the students in her classroom and theater group.

Her students are better for having her as one of their amazing teachers.

White Oak ISD
White Oak ISD

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