With some New Years resolutions still going strong and swimsuit season slowly creeping up on us, more and more people are looking for that great and easy exercise program they won't hate doing. Look no more. Yoga is a great answer to your workout worries. Why not try out some of Tyler's great yoga studios?

Yoga has been a massive exercise hit for years now. It has moved past being trendy or something only hippies do. Yoga is being proven year after year as one of the best workout regimes one can have.

Why is yoga so great? Here are five of the best reasons why you may need to start practicing yoga.

1. Mental Health
From boosting memory and other cognitive functions to relieving depression and schizophrenia symptoms. How? The head is being cleared, the thoughts focused, and mind refreshed.

2. Better in Bed
Yoga has been proven to help people get a better sleep. And, that isn't the only bedroom activity improved with yoga. It has been found that couples that practice yoga have an increased ability to conceive a child. Those that once had infertility problems are aided with yoga.

3. Pain Reliever
Chronic lower back pain sufferers and those with arthritis are in constant search for something to ease the pain and stiffness. Yoga is the best help, if not the cure, for these chronic pains.

4. Asthma Aid
Because of the breathing practices, yoga has been found to be a great help with asthma sufferers. In fact, some have used yoga poses to help them through an asthma attack.

5. Hangover Cure
Seriously, yoga can be your hangover cure. The idea of doing yoga may not sound great the morning after heavy drinking, but it has been shown to greatly help. The detox your body goes through during a yoga session helps clear away all of the abuse you put your body through the night before.

Now that you are convinced of yoga's perks, where do you go? The East Texas area has a few great yoga spots. In Tyler there are two fantastic studios to go and try out yoga.

Bikram Yoga
2665 Park Ridge Drive  Tyler, TX

Windhorse Yoga Studio
208 W. 9th Street  Tyler, TX