I'm not a huge meat eater. In fact, it's pretty rare for me. (No pun consciously intended.) But on occasion, I do love to have a good cheeseburger. Now, since I don't make them on a regular basis, I never expect them to be quite as good as they could be. Especially compared to some of our favorite burger places here in East Texas.

At the same time, I remember thinking the burgers my parents made, and those my grandma made, some of the best I've ever had.

Recently, TheDailyMeal.com revealed the primary reason the burgers we make at home may not have the same level of deliciousness we're hoping for--especially when you're cooking for others and want to wow them with your mad cheeseburger skills.

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Inevitably, for many of us, we may be able to get the delicious sear and flavor we're seeking, but the inside is overcooked. Or perhaps it was the perfect temperature and cooked to perfection but completed lacked flavor.

So what's the deal? Is it the seasonings you use? Are you not using the right caliber of beef? Do we need to utter some kind of magic spell over them as they cook?

According to some experts, it may be the cookware or tool you're using. Hm. Really? The main issue? Most of us don't have flat-top griddles. In many of our favorite burger spots, this is standard. And these griddles are kept at a consistent temperature during the day.

When that meat hits the griddle, you may have seen the cook press the burger as soon as it hits the heat. Then they'll spatula up the yummy results so none of that perfectly seasoned "crust" is lost.

"Most great burger chefs can tell when a burger is cooked just by pressing on it, and they melt cheese on top by covering the patty with a bowl and squirting some water underneath, creating steam — kind of like this stovetop TikTok hack." ~ The Daily Meal

Next Best Thing If You Don't Have a Flat-Top Griddle?

Nice tips. But what if you don't have access or funds for a flat-top griddle? What's the next best option for us home burger cooks?

If you've not already invested in a heavy-duty cast iron skillet, now's the time to do so. Oh, and make sure you've got a great spatula. Not too expensive for the tools you need to get the job done. Let me know how it goes. Or just invite me over for burgers. That works, too.

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