Mix 93-1 and CTCU are proud to recognize outstanding teachers from our East Texas classrooms!

This week's recipient is Mrs. Pope, a sophomore English teacher at Bullard High School.

Mrs. Pope was nominated by a student that is in one of her classes. The submission form reads:

Mrs.Pope is just a outstanding teacher and person. She can relate to the students on a deeper level and is always there to listen my problems and give me advice. She has led me to a perfect essay on the A.C.T. and I would not be who I am today with out her. I just want her to be appreciated like she deserves to be because she is a unique and wonderful teacher and role model.

For Mrs. Pope's dedication to this student and others at Bullard High School, Mix 93-1 and CTCU are proud to announce Mrs. Pope as our Teacher Of The Week!

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