Mix 93-1 and CTCU are proud to recognize outstanding teachers from our East Texas classrooms!

This week's recipient is Mrs. Neal of Robert E. Lee High School in Tyler where she teaches French.

Mrs. Neal was nominated by a former student who spent two semesters in her classroom learning French and had this to say about his teacher:

I'm a senior at Robert E. Lee and I'd like to nominate my sophomore/junior French teacher because she is the most caring woman I've ever met. Madame Neal truly cares about each and everyone of her students, and she truly cares about what she is teaching. She doesn't just do the basics of teaching, she makes class fun and engaging so that no one is bored or left out. We never really do the same exact same thing and that keeps class interesting. She also encourages her students to respect and appreciate other cultures.
Out of all of the teachers I've ever had, Madame Neal deserves this the award most.

Mix 93-1 and CTCU are proud to select this student's nomination and are proud to announce Mrs. Neal as the Mix 93-1 CTCU Teacher Of The Week award!

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